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All Western Machine Works
Phone: 509.924.6755

Home Specialties
Contact: Shawn Glander
Phone: 509.216.5711

RMR Racing
Contact: Dr. Dave
Phone: 509.220.3003

Northwest Biofuels
Contact: Doug Bartlett
Phone: 509.499.4508

Haase Landscaping
Phone: 888.707.7950

Digatron Performance
Data Acquisition Systems
MacKay Manufacturing
Phone: 509.922.7742
Cascade Rain Gutters
Contact: Tom Plybon
Phone: 509.570.2955
Sri Prasert  / Thaiway Lounge
Spokane, Wa
Burris Racing
7047 Kearny Dr.
Huntington Beach, Ca

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2012 Sunset Speedway Rules and Regulations

Click HERE to download the 2012 Sunset Speedway Rulebook.


There have been a few amendments to the current rulebook. All are corrected in the posted version.  To see see them, please download a new copy to replace yours with.  Here is a list of the things we changed.

  1. There will be no machining, milling or mating of surfaces allowed on ANY clone motor.

  2. The CL-1 cams will not be allowed in any class other than the Adult Clones

  3. During qualifying, if a non-member gets fast time, there will be NO bonus points awarded to any driver.

  4. Any 16 year old driver in the adult classes will not be required to wear a rib vest (although it is recommended.) Any Jr.2 driver who turns 16 during the season will still be required to wear a rib vest.

  5. Combustion chamber will remain 27.5 cc's, as it has always been.

  6. Methanol will be allowed in the modified class. Trick fuel will also be accepted in both the modified and two stoke classes

  7. The "Modified" class will abide by all current rules, with the exception of alcohol being allowed.

  8. The "Yamaha" 2 cycle class will run the current 2 cycle rules, with the exception of trick fuel being allowed.













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